clothes 英文

clothes 英文

衣服;(尤指某種用途的)服裝. You can only take three articles / items of clothing into the changing room. 你只能帶三件衣服進試衣間。. Protective clothing must be worn. 必須穿上防護服。. 更多範例. Several items of clothing lay on the floor. An article of clothing was found near the river. Wear comfortable, loose clothing to your exercise class.

These usually exhibited manufactured goods, both local and imported, such as ready-made clothes, shoes, hats, crystal, leather goods or artistic crafts like photographs and pottery. 來自 Cambridge English

clothesとは意味:clothes n. pl. 衣服, 服. 【動詞+】 air clothes 衣服を外気に當てる borrow sb’s clothes 人の服を借りる; 他人の考え方を借用する cast off one’s clothes 《文語》 服を脫ぎ捨てる change one’s clothes 著替えをする have some clothes cleaned

clothesとは意味:clothes n. pl. 衣服, 服.【動詞+】 air clothes 衣服を外気に當てる borrow sb’s clothes 人の服を借りる; 他人の考え方を借用する cast off one’s clothes 《文語》 服を脫ぎ捨てる change one’s clothes 著替えをする have some clothes cleaned at

clothes和clothing皆為衣服,兩者間很大的不同在於 clothes只有複數形式,而clothing為不可數名詞,只能搭配單數動詞表示。clothing的意思較為廣泛,中文是衣著;clothes則較具體指某件特定的衣服。 I like the clothes you wear today.(我喜歡你今天穿的衣服。

vest (American English) = waistcoat (British English) As you can see, we have included the American English vs. British English words where appropriate. For a more complete list with additional items of clothing and things you wear (with a written definition of each one), visit our article on our English vocabulary website: Clothes and Accessories in English .

Define clothes. clothes synonyms, clothes pronunciation, clothes translation, English dictionary definition of clothes. wearing apparel; garments: Choose the proper clothes for the occasion. Not to be confused with: close – to shut; bring to an end: It’s time to

‘clothes’ also found in these entries (note: many are not synonyms or translations): apparel – array – bathrobe – blouse – cape – clothing – corset – costume – dress – dressing gown – dry goods – duds – ensemble – fashion – garb – garments – gear – habit – laundry – outfit – overalls – overcoat – pantaloons – peignoir – petticoat – raiment – raincoat – shorts – smock – sock – thread – togs

Style-a-hero. Would you like to design your own superhero? Choose your hero and their superpowers in this game! 502. 3.914175. Word games. Clothes 1. Play some word games to learn and practise clothes

Clothing is an item or fabric, usually sewn together to cover part of the human body. Humans are the only animals which wear clothing, and all people do wear suitable clothing. The torso (body) can be covered by shirts, arms by sleeves, legs by pants or skirts, hands by gloves, feet by footwear, and head by headgear or masks. In cold climates

Origin of clothing

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clothes 也是『衣服』的意思, 但和 clothing 不同的是, clothes 始終要用複數。 且 clothes 亦是不可數名詞 , 我們除了可說 some clothes, a lot of clothes 外 , 還可說 many clothes, 因為 many 之後要接複數名詞 , 所以 many clothes 是正確的 , 但我們不能說 many clothings, 因為 clothing

Online activities plus printable worksheets for kids to learn English vocabulary connected with the theme Clothes. ESL teachers’ resources. learning and teaching resources Learn and practise English words connected with the theme Clothes: blouse, cap, coat, dress, jacket, scarf, shirt, shoes, skirt, socks, sweater, trousers.

clothes exercise. There are five exercises to practice the vocabulary of clothes,some verbs like suit,wear,fit,match,try on some adjectives and colours.If you think that

A collection of English ESL worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about clothes, clothes Part 1 – follow the path and circle items of clothing until you reach the finish line Part 2 – look at the pictures and write

clothes exercise. Exercises to help ss remember the names of the clothes. English Exercises > clothes exercises Clothes Downloadable worksheets: This, That, Those, These (using clothes


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